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Chiropody Prices

Nail cutting £16.00

In-growing toe nails £25.00

Total foot care £25.00 - includes nails and callus treatment, corns may take a little longer and a separate appointement may be neccessary and will incurr an additional charge.

Varruca removal can usually be done in just one visit for £25.00

Biomechanical Assessment

"mini" assesments take about 40 minutes and cost £65.00

Those that are more complicated and require casts take a lot longer may cost up to £320 including cast and custom made orthotic

There are a number of types of orthotic available, varying from simple off the shelf at £15.00 all the way up to custom made from plaster cast at around £240

Please feel free to chat to our podiatrist who will be able to advise you more about what your requirements and costs will be.


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