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Heidelburg Optical Coherence Tomography

This is a truly amazing piece of new technology that vastly improves early detection of many sight threatening retinal diseases such as glaucoma macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease. Previously this equipment was only available in the hospital eye service but is becoming increasingly available in optometry practices and I am delighted to say that we have recently acquired it here.
How does it work?
It projects a low intensity, harmless laser into the eye and compares the reflected beam with a reference beam. Analyzing the coherence of the two beams enables the machine to build up a detailed three dimensional cross section of the retina, giving information on the health of your eyes not previously available by any other means.
 Why Heidelberg?
This particular make of O.C.T. is the preferred hospital choice and is also preferred by NASA being used on board the international space station. It is different from other makes as is remembers the exact position of images so that future comparisons are much more accurate.

What sort of image does it produce?

It produces a much clearer retinal photograph than a standard camera, it doesn't require dilating drops and even seems to work through small pupils and cataract.



The picture on the left show a normal healthy eye, left side and on the right side in cross section. The depression in the middle is the macula, which we use to read and see fine detail.

The dark band is the photo receptor layer, rods and cone cells (at macula only cones ) above which lie several nerve cell and synaptic layers , finally terminating in the bright thin nerve fibre layer at the very top.


And now some less healthy examples


Diabetic Maculopathy








Macular degeneration







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