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Our Children's Range

Wearing glasses's can be a big thing for a child, particularly the older child, where adolescence and peer group pressures can be big enough problems without compounding them with specs.


Fortunately, spectacles are not the problem they used to be, with many high profile actors and characters making a statement with glasses. Indeed, these days children are often upset when I tell them they don't need glasses; never the less, if glasses are necessary, it is important to find a style the young individual is comfortable with at an affordable price. To answer this need, we have a comprehensive free range for the under 10's which include the following well known brand names :

Action man, Superman, Barbie,Top Secret, Beano, Soccer

For the older child, often a small young adult frame is the best choice and we apply a 30% reduction to the standard the price on all of our adult range for the under 20's



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