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About US

dispensing_areaPracticeI built this practice some twenty years ago on the site of the old post office, all of the fixtures and fittings are hand made and custom built by myself. Our current theme is black and white, art nouveau.

In designing the dispensing area, I paid particular attention to lighting, so that we use colour corrected mercury discharge tubes, giving superb illumination in near daylight conditions.

We are wheel chair friendly and if mobility is a problem it is possible to park right outside the front door.

I graduated from Aston university in 1981, having been attracted to optics by the combined possibilities of running my own show and the ability to meet interesting people - In my profession I frequently learn more from my patients than vice-versa. I have been ably assisted by my practice manager, Pam who has been in the practice for over twenty years.

Working to together we have refined our dispensing skills so that, quite independently we very often are in complete agreement as to which spectacle frame suits best. There is a great deal to consider when choosing the right frame apart from simple fashion considerations, for more detail see my section on Choosing the right glasses. .


This practice is equipped with some of the most modern hi-tec equipment currently available, with a digital retinal camera for fundus photography, Humpris visual field screener, which is useful for assessing early changes in the visual field, a bio microscopy for corneal problems and retinal examination. We also have a pachimeter for measuring corneal thickness useful as an aid to diagnosing glaucoma and assessing corneal health in contact lens work and a keratometer for assessing corneal curvature.

Generally, I prefer to dilate pupils in the majority of patients over sixty years of age as a matter of routine - this gives a much better picture of the retina where small pupil size can greatly restrict the field of view. It is advised not to drive after pupil dilation so if you are over sixty please arrange not to drive for your appointment.

My own practice is to use a trial frame to place lenses in, rather than a large refractor head for vision testing - I have both, but I have found with experience that the old fashioned method frequently gives a more accurate result as, amongst other things, it enables me to study facial expression and body language- very important when neither you nor the patient is sure whether it really is better or worse!



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